The online Personal Reference Form takes about 30 minutes to fill out and should be completed by someone who knows the applicant well, such as an employer, teacher, or friend.

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*Does the applicant display moral standards in line with their profession of faith?

*Evaluate the applicant's character in the following areas:

1. Exercises discretion in relationships:
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4. Exhibits academic abilities:
5. Works well with others:
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7. Cares about cleanliness and hygiene:
8. Considers and prefers others:
9. Respectfully submits to authorities:
10. Self-Disciplined:
11. Demonstrates a positive self-image:

*Overall, what do you consider the applicant's strong points? (Include any special abilities)

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*To the best of your knowledge has the applicant ever had psychiatric treatment or any mental or emotional issues? , briefly explain reason:

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*Briefly comment on the applicant’s family background, if known:

*In your opinion, what are the applicant’s motives for applying to ABI?

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