It still works!

Hold on . . .  just a few more miles. This has been my thought as I find myself driving older vehicles these days. I have 1992 Ford and it runs great. The reality is one day it will quit. I can’t depend on it to take me long distances. I live about 220 miles south of Anchorage and I dare not drive my truck on a road trip to Costco.  (However, the thought of going and getting a good meal at an Anchorage restaurant tempts me to give it a try.) My truck is a good truck, but it’s not meant to last indefinitely.


For 1,984 years, the blood of Jesus has worked. It has sustained the test of time. It has never run dry, been insufficient, or lacking in any way. It has been what it always was meant to be…a cleansing agent for those who believe it to do just that. It hasn’t lost its power or potency in all this time. It always works! In the time of need, plead the blood and feel it cleanse the crimson stain of your sin to the purest clean you can ever know. When you are in need, it satisfies. If I could say that about my 1993 Ford, I would forward my mail to where ever I parked it and never leave it. The blood was designed to last, my Ford is not.


The blood of Jesus cleanses when confessed. It works every time because it’s based on the faithfulness of God through His Son. The blood does what it’s supposed to do. It cleanses the foulest stain of sin leaving no trace or residue as if it never was there.  You are made whiter than snow because it can do no less. This was the intent from the beginning. From Moses to Jesus to today…to you. Whether you have been walking with the Lord 2 years, 25, or 50, you have a never-ending supply of the blood. The blood has remained true to its purpose: to atone for the sins of man. The blood is guaranteed to do its job because it isn’t based on man’s goodwill. It is based on the nature of Jesus. He wanted it to work and made it a permanent covenant. The blood still works!


-Matt Noble