Have you ever been minding your own business and been interrupted by someone? There is nothing more frustrating to mankind than to be driven off a designated course by a seemingly insignificant distraction.  This can be dangerous ground for the one who is doing the distracting. I immediately want to convey the urgency of my task and direction so the interloper will leave me alone.


Coming to Alaska Bible Institute was an interruption by the Lord. I was minding my own business in the factory setting in Michigan. I enjoyed being a computer machine operator for a hydraulics company in Grand Rapids. I had even made the comment to my foreman on several occasions, “You’d have to shoot me out of a cannon to get me to leave this place.”  This is exactly what the Lord did.


The Lord had been working on my heart about living the life of a believer.  Christianity is an active pursuit on behalf of Kingdom business. I was not an active believer. Being content to answer the call on Sundays was all the participation I wanted. Since I worked nights, I wasn’t even going during the week to church. The only day I sought to be active in my pursuit for the Kingdom was on Sundays. I truly enjoyed both Sunday morning and evening worship with my church family. Little did I know this was the spark the Lord would use to launch me into a new season.


The Lord began to stir my heart in the factory. I noticed my co-workers working for something. Be it for a family or for the toys they had, their labor was for something. I began to wonder if there is more to labor than the things of this world. I wondered about laboring for eternal things. Could there be more to labor than seemingly temporal things? This was where I was spiritual.


I wrestled for a year about this idea. It was during this year that the youth pastor at the church I attended handed me a brochure from the Alaska Bible Institute. He had gone there and said I should think about going. In 2003, I applied to Alaska Bible Institute. I came to a point of saying I’ll go if you’ll send me Lord. He did and I went. I turned in my two weeks with my employer and drove up to Homer Alaska from Grand Rapids Michigan. I had been shot out of the cannon and was seeking whatever the Lord wanted from me. He had interrupted my life for His purpose to my life.


Alaska Bible Institute was where the Lord got a hold of my heart. He began to work on my inactive Christian life and began to challenge me to be more active than on Sundays. I began to get nose to nose with His Word and His Spirit that dwells between the pages. I began to seek and hear His voice in my prayer times. He became more than a Sunday experience to me. In the words of Third Day, “He is an all-consuming fire.” He was consuming my heart for Kingdom purposes.


-Matt Noble