Teaching kids church is more than awesome! It was one of the ways I wanted to improve my teaching skills. I wanted to become more versatile. I figured if I could get kids to listen, I could get anybody to. I was surprised to discover how much labor it is to teach kids. By labor I mean the time it takes to prepare.

I have found that I’m still a student even when it comes to kids. I don’t know everything…even to kids. My first Sunday was scary and I was so nervous. Yet, I knew this is where I needed to be and God showed up and the lesson went off without a hitch.

Last Sunday I ran into a situation. My week was going to be busy and I needed to switch Sundays. I called the Kids Church Director and told him what was going on. He told me all the other teachers were unavailable. He said he would find a teacher if he could. I took that to mean I needed to make it work on my end.

The week was busy. I felt totally inadequate and unprepared. I was begging God to show up because what I was going to do was broken. I recalled the verse in John 15:5 which Jesus tells the disciples “that apart from Me you can do nothing.” I truly got the meaning behind this verse. What I had on my strength was pieces of the whole lesson. Scattered and broken….of no value.


When I got to class time, I asked the kids to come up on stage and we were going to pray as a group for the class. My idea was to be open and honest before them that I was going to need the Lord to show up. I needed Him to take the pieces and make something whole. This required obedience on my part to pray first. Seek Him first with the kids.

I told them we were going to talk to our God. We were going to hallow His name by seeking Him before the lesson. It got quiet…I mean real quiet. We all held hands and I prayed asking God to calm our hearts and minds. I asked the Lord to take over that we may hear what He is saying in the lesson.


After we prayed, the Lord showed up and I knew everything was going to be ok. The lesson went better than awesome! The Lord took the pieces and made a whole lesson for the kids to hear. He was there for the sake of those kids.

When I finished, I knew He made it possible. Apart from the Lord showing up, I could do nothing on my own. He brought life to the lesson that I don’t possess. In complete obedience to pray, He made the difference that Sunday. Thank You, Lord, for showing up!

Now I know that I have nothing apart from Him. Teaching kids made me realize that He is involved in the process. Apart from Him, the lesson falls short. With Him, it will make a difference for eternity in the lives of the kids. He makes the difference.


-Matt Noble