The Christian Ministry Program is specifically designed to train and equip students in a wide-range of full-time ministry opportunities. In light of this, students applying to the Christian Ministry Program should consider the following:


While the Christian Ministry Program is focused on practical application and experience, students will also continue their education through classroom teaching. Much of what is learned and applied outside the classroom will begin in the classroom. The courses of the Christian Ministry Program are designed for those specifically going into full-time ministry.


Modeling humble leadership and servant-hood, Christian Ministry students must be confident enough to submit to the leaders over them. Along with this, students will be provided the opportunity to lead and disciple underclassmen. To grow the student’s character, the Christian Ministry program has been uniquely designed to stretch, test, and grow students’ minds, emotions, and abilities.


While calling is essential, skills and abilities are what support the Christian Ministry student’s calling. They will be given the opportunity to learn and utilize their gifts while being assessed for their natural ability within various departments and tasks. Student’s will be encouraged and equipped to grow in their strengths while learning how to manage their weaknesses.


While the Christian Ministry student may go on to serve other ministries or organizations with their gifts, working with a team is an essential ability. Students will be assessed based upon their willingness and increased ability to work with other leaders in general and other students of differing mindsets and personalities in particular.


Christian Ministry students will have the opportunity to work with and in various departments at ABI. This time and experience will help confirm the student’s specific calling while providing practical experience and training in a wide-variety of ministries.

Complete this application if you:
  1. have completed the 2-year Biblical Studies Program.
  2. have read and agree to ABI's rules set out in the STUDENT HANDBOOK.
  3. are capable of paying the room and board fees associated with attending ABI.