Alaska Bible Institute

Alaska Bible Institute (ABI) is a missions and discipleship center which operates under the Board of Directors of Alaska Village Missions. ABI has been operating since 1965, and its purpose of Biblical teaching and discipleship still stands strong. ABI is non-accredited, and is an affiliate institution of The Association for Biblical Higher Education.

Alaska Bible Institute offers a two-year study program that provides a strong Biblical foundation to prepare the student for godly living in any vocation God calls them.    A third year program has been established to further prepare those who are entering a full-time ministry career.  ABI is much more than classes; it is a community of people who are passionately following after Jesus Christ and inviting others to join them on this journey.  Students come to ABI from many states and countries. Hundreds of our graduates are now serving as Christian leaders here in Alaska and around the globe.

AVM is grateful that it can provide tuition-free Christian education through Alaska Bible Institute. All of our instructors are supported missionaries and many of the school costs are covered by donations from churches, our alumni and others.

Alaska Bible Institute – An Invitation to Discipleship from Eric Rozeboom on Vimeo.


Alaska Bible Institute is an affiliate institution of the Association for Biblical Higher Education. As such, it participates in and contributes to collegial and professional development activities of the Association. Affiliate status does not, however, constitute, imply or presume ABHE accredited status at present or in the future.