Your access to the Bible and your ability to connect with its text will shape the rest of your life. It is one of the most amazing things that happen to each student that passes through this place. Your time here will give you a sense of comfort and an ability to navigate God’s word. It is our passion and privilege to open the Word of God and take you on a journey through God’s story about Himself and how He relates to us. This is an investment in your future that you cannot miss out on.


Our community is here for you! The staff at Alaska Bible Institute (ABI) is committed to seeing you grow and learn as the Lord leads you. We are here to foster your relationship with Him, connect with you, and intentionally invest in your future. Joining us at ABI means that you become part of our family. A family seeking after Christ, encouraging one another, and building your faith in an open and honest environment. Most of all we would love to be family with you! Get in touch with us by clicking this link.

Because we place such an importance on Community, God’s Word, and the time you will spend here, we desire to make this experience as accessible as possible. ABI is committed to seeing God’s kingdom become trained and equipped for life and ministry. For those reasons, we award every admitted student a full tuition for our Biblical Studies Program. We accomplish this through ministry donations, and a missionary based staff and faculty who raise support to make your time here more affordable. That means that your time here is tuition-free.



Enrollment Deadline: August 1st

Classes Begin: September 7th


Enrollment Deadline: August 1st

Classes Begin: September 6th